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Florida luxury homes and luxury commercial real estate

From miles of sunny beaches to bustling city centers, South Florida affords luxury real estate options for those looking for a safe haven in one of the most exclusive and inviting communities in the world, for businesses searching for evergreen headquarters for their operations, or investors betting on the sustainability and enduring appeal of Florida, Bascombe Brokerage provides expertise and creativity to guide customers to their ideal location.

The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home.

A luxury home has to be immaculate, absolutely spotless.

Why work with The Bascombe Brokerage for luxury homes in Florida?

For Investors

Historically, South Florida has long been considered one of the strongest real estate markets, whether from a commercial or residential standpoint. Even throughout the pandemic, Florida, in general, continues to provide high yield, positive returns, and stability for domestic and international investors, given the region’s business growth, foreign investment, and favorable tax structure.

For Homebuyers

Beyond the wonderful weather, South Florida affords families and individuals with options from energetic, dazzling cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach to quaint art districts in Wynwood or Fat Village, to the country club and marina living, expansive estates and stables, and everything in between. Excellent schools, top universities, and incomparable amenities like Disney and Universal, thousands of trails and parks, miles of beaches, and rare flora and fauna are just some of the many allures of this slice of paradise.

For Businesses

With no personal income, inheritance, or estate tax, investors and entrepreneurs look to Florida to reduce their tax burden and operate from a location that provides a multicultural workforce (the third largest in the country), a favorable cost of living, and a reputation for being one of the most tech-enabled, innovative states in the country. Our clients entrust us to identify ideal buy/sell/lease opportunities for corporate or retail spaces in South Florida.

The Bascombe Brokerage

Florida luxury homes and luxury commercial real estate

Bascombe Brokerage is in the real estate business of luxury homes in Florida, since 2003!

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Timothy Bascombe

Real Estate Broker

For over 25 years, the luxury real estate experts at Bascombe Brokerage have worked with clients in the home, retail and corporate spaces, connecting them with ideal Florida locations for their families or businesses. Bascombe Brokerage supports investors, homebuyers and sellers and corporate clients with access to upscale communities and properties, leveraging networks of realtors with deep personal and professional ties to the luxury property market to safely and accurately accelerate property selection and buy/sell cycles.

Bascombe Brokerage works with buyers and sellers not only in South Florida but nationwide, facilitating relocations; onsite and virtual viewings; legal processes; inspections, and comprehensive real estate solutions that shorten the gap between selection and closing.

Our team of licensed realtors, architects, and Florida luxury experts have designed retail properties for multinationals, managed multi-million dollar transactions in some of the most renowned and desirable coastline locations in South Florida, and brokered corporate deals for clients in the U.S. and abroad. Bascombe Brokerage provides services in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and other languages.

Whether you’re looking for a home, corporate or retail location, or investment in South Florida, Bascombe Brokerage is your exclusive luxury real estate partner. Reach out to us.

The Bascombe Brokerage